Quiet on the set!!!

After meeting with admissions I feel good about Manhattanville and their accelerated masters program. As I walk out of the back door I stumble on a film set. A production assistant shoos  me out of the shot. After the scene cuts. I give my apologies and asked the production assistant   What movie are you filming  Admissions I assume it is a student film he says no its a new Tina Fey and Paul Rudd film. I take a couple quick pics. Nice surprise!

Business before pleasure

Well I am off. In the weeks leading up to this trip I was busy trying to make sure all my transcripts and application fees are paid add to that the feeling Maryland ( which was my first choice) may send me a rejection letter. So I frantically spent the last week applying to any school in Maryland with a bussiness or marketing program. So north I go on 95 and I decline a stop in Philly I am on a schedule.