Wake up.

I wake up suffocating in the sun with sand paper in my mouth I search my car for the bottles of water my car is packed with. I am still groggy when I take a swig and throw open my car door to escape the sauna my car has become in the South Carolina sun. As soon as I do I  promptly spit out the boiling water. I look at the bottle with disappointment.  I get enough water to gargle a couple of times before I toss it in the passenger seat. That’s when I realize in my drunken state, I had left my car on. Now the battery is dead.  I survey the wall-mart parking lot and recap last night’s events in search for what got me here. I had fun last night? I Chatted up a bar tender and a few locals. Recall a story one patron told me about his girlfriend who was an actress Virginia monologues.  The girl who showed me the pics on her phone with the body painting experiment her and her friends did, which reminds me of the night in my car. I drove here because it was a mile from the bar, safe and well-lit. I am in Florence. Now that is sorted out I need a jump.


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