Part 3

This is the third and final installment of this series. Rifling through hours of interview recordings, the one thing that became clear is few voices really matter in the debate. I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But really the debate is other people deciding whether or not our morality supersedes a woman’s right to choose and where does life begin. I am just going to let one of the voices of those making those choices speak.

 Me: How do you feel about the abortion issue?

 K: I am very pro-choice.

Me: How do you feel Mississippi will vote?

K: They will make it illegal… because they sway that way

Me: Where do you think the discrepancy come from as far as Mississippi being a family values state and the high teen pregnancy rate?

K: Parents tend to see the best in their children it’s a blinded approach to life… if I close my eyes it didn’t happen. We go to church as a social networking more than for a connection to god.

Me: What was your response to the dead fetus signs?

K: I think it’s for shock value…if you’ve made up your mind to do something nothing can sway you…however those people who have to choose that option those images tend to remind them of the hardest decision they ever made. Not fair on either side.

Me: If someone came to you for advice in making that tough decision what would you tell them?

K: Had this happen recently…I was a YOUNG mom and it’s not easy. I am still in school in my 30’s. I would tell them to follow their Heart. Babies are hard…kids are hard…alone with them is horrible… But abortion is a decision you can’t change. It will impact you daily. Heath effects are common and judgment is an issue here. If they choose to abort… I’d tell them to seal it in their heart and keep quiet

Me: Is that because you feel someone who had an abortion here in Mississippi would face a backlash and ostracism?

K: Absolutely. We live in the Bible belt I’ll add in some insight as long as my name isn’t used. I had an abortion in 1994 at 15…my parents signed against my choice Small town…they were embarrassed…easier to hide than admit but southern parents tend to not address sex…still a dirty topic…most kids find out their information from peers

Me: Do you think there is a technological barrier between kids and parents?

K: Some was yes…they have way too many answers available without the reasons for them. Morally I don’t want her to have sex because it complicates things Just that abortion is a life changing thing…I have had other kids but there is always something missing. I have several health was my only option. Parents need to wise up and help prevent pregnancy. Condoms and birth control aren’t cuss words. Have them available for your kids.

Me: Thank you for sharing your story.

K: You’re welcome.

Now I have been asked many times during interviews where I stand on abortion. I have said repeatedly I am not a part of the story and side stepped the question again and again. I guess I can give you an answer. It doesn’t matter what I think It doesn’t matter unless it’s my baby. That’s my opinion those couples have the right to choose. If you think it’s right or wrong it’s not your choice. If you hold up signs with dead fetuses along the highway that’s your right. I have the right to call you an idiot with too much time on your hands.


One response to “Part 3

  1. Thanks for posting this up. I talked with a young man that said he did not believe in abortion at all. When we went deeper into the conversation I gave him different what if scenarios. Well, one was where his wife and him broke up for a short time because he was cheating. They soon got back together after a few months. During that time frame she had a one night stand with an individual and her husband knew about what happened. He forgave all that happened, and agreed that he would never leave her under any circumstances. He soon finds out that she is pregnant from the one night stand and the question was posed should she keep the baby, or have an abortion. He said have an abortion. So, in the long run, you are right it depends on the couple and what they both want together. If they are not together, let the would be mother make her own choice.

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